3 Good Topics For Sociology Research Papers

After perusing some available topics for sociology research papers, the writer found three that appeared to be appropriate for discussion. They are:

  • Human Society
  • Non Violence
  • Race and Racism

These topics may be viewed as controversial. However they are reflected in the news daily and affect current legislation, politics and our economy.

Human Society

Human Society viewed from the Sociological perspective can be said to be experiential; how we experience our world and others. We experience a personal or micro world as children. We live within our families and then grow out to attend school. This is a brand new expansive experience for us. This is our first interaction with society. We are introduced to a large system. Expectations are placed upon us beyond that which our parents ask of us. We are first socialized through the school system and the activities that are associated with the educational experience. We go through elementary, middle and high school to prepare for college or employment, depending on the individual. We then may leave the home, form a relationship, marry, and have children. These experiences are enough to leave some behind, some in prison, some in mental hospitals, and yes, some dead. Acculturating into society and achieving just these goals can prove to be so much of a challenge that success in these areas can be referred to as the much coveted American Dream.

Non Violence

Non-violent action was a significant tactic of protest in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Some of its virtues were that during a time of unrest, it did not incite the protesters to anger and violence. During that time, the nation was aflame with riots and protests mostly about racism and the Vietnam War. Including sit-ins, boycotts, and mass marches, the tactic started with some small protests but grew into a large movement. The Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1956 was one protest that helped to make non-violent action a profound mass statement on the then current state of race relations.

Race and Racism

There has been a historical schism as it concerns racism in America. Proud Americans tout that they live in the land of the free; the land of equal opportunity, yet the fate of minorities and poor people, until the election of the current president has been oppression and bias. Racism has its roots in slavery which was brought to this country at its very inception.

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