How To Create A Brilliant Term Paper On Terrorism

Terrorism is a topic that can either be a disaster or fantastic, depending on how you approach the subject in your writing. You can take a fanatical hatred of all terrorists and spit it out onto the page with little structure, or you can take a calm reasoned approach. We can all agree that random acts of violence are wrong, but people who feel disenfranchised can resort to violence as their protest.

If you set your first task as defining what constitutes an act of terror then you will never manage to finish your work on time. It is almost as difficult a concept to define as freedom: the effects are easy to see, but difficult to put into words. Not even the United Nations could define the concept in their Global Counter-terrorism Strategy.

Most people studying today have lived all their lives under the threat of such violence; your paper could help give shape to their concerns.

What makes a good term paper?

  • Your Topic. With all the newspapers full of up-to-date scares there is something there for you to choose. The problem is that there is so much information you need to limit your search. Try picking out a year or a month or just one disaster – even choosing one organization will present you with too much information.
  • Thesis Statement. Be very careful at this point because this is your statement of your beliefs. If you start ranting here then you may switch off the majority of your audience. Take a calm and measure tone, allow only your enthusiasm for you research to show.
  • Outline. If you want a brilliant paper then an outline is a must-have item. It is the way you set your thoughts in order. With the evidence on the page you can see what you have missed in your research and where you might need to carefully choose words that display only passion not anger.
  • Write you first draft. This is only a first draft, unless you have left your work until the last minute which is never a good idea. In a first draft you are going to make mistakes, all you are doing at this stage is getting your words onto the screen.
  • Edit and revise. Along with all the usual checks for spelling and grammar, go over your work to make sure that you have carefully chosen all your words.

Remember, whatever argument you wish to make, you will get your point across better with reason rather than hate-filled rants.

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