Selecting Sources for Research Paper Writing

Research paper writing is always a tough job whether it is at school level or university level. A student comes up with many difficulties while writing research paper. It is said that writing is not a difficult task. Searching data, organizing it and setting a research paper is tough. For research paper writing a student faces problem in selecting source for gathering data.

Ways to select sources for research paper writing:

Here are some very important ways and tips that are utilize in searching sources for research paper writing

  • Data should be gathered through different sources like internet, library, books, journals, articles, magazines and newspapers. A student should not stick to only one source for data gathering.
  • If your research paper is a compilation of data from different sources its position would be tough and it will be in the list of high grades.
  • A student should be very confident about the difference between primary and secondary research sources. Experts recommend that primary source is more preferable.
  • The reason for using primary sources is that it is always a fresh, new and your own research. Secondary sources depend on the exploration and testing of others.
  • A student should also search for those references which are given in the article or book which he is searching for his topic. As there is a much extended catalog of suggestions in the books that you can search.
  • A student should maintain his search systematized. It will represent that your research paper is written efficiently in a course.
  • Students want to gather maximum data from internet but it is not a good habit. A student should visit library and search books for his topic. Books contain more authenticated knowledge than internet articles.
  • A student should be aware of legal official and illegal websites and data. The data which is available on officially unrecognized websites should not be a part of your research paper because it does not have a valid source or reference.
  • A student should be aware of work citations. It is the duty of teacher to help students in understanding work citations. Before writing your research paper you should get idea of alludes to your resources.
  • A student should find out those sources which totally support his views.
  • It is recommended that a student should always search more data than his requirement.
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