How to write a good application essay for college

Writing an application essay takes some thought, time and effort to make it good enough. When you’ve decided what school or college you’d like to attend, it can be difficult thinking that you might not get in. In order to have the best chance you can get, you need to write a fantastic application essay. This will be some work for you, but the time spent will be worth it if you do it the right way. So many students get caught up in the details of how hard it can be and they lose focus when they’re working. You want to avoid that, and the best way to avoid it is to have a plan. This article will lay out for you such a plan that you can follow for the best possible application essay writing.

Outlining an Application Essay

What do you need to do first? An outline is always a good idea. Even if it means spending extra time in making it, you will be saving yourself time later. A good foundation, like an outline, will help you place each part of your essay so much easier. Once you know where everything is supposed to go and how you want it to turn out, all you have to do is put in the pieces. Writing in between each section of your outline is a lot easier than figuring out what you want to say as you’re in the middle of writing it.

After an outline, you need some lists and notes. Jot down what is unique about you and why you have a passion for the program you’re applying to. For example, a prospective education major might talk about why they love teaching, how they could use their degree to better the school system, or if they have past experience related to the grade level of children they want to teach.

Now it’s time to write the first draft. All you need to do is fill out your outline with more details and let yourself go. Don’t think about the exact word you’re using or how that paragraph looks; turn off your inner critic and just get the draft done. Once you have that, you can improve upon it by editing and changing things to make it the way you want. But first, you need that rough draft to work from.

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