I Need Professional Help With My Application Essay

Are you a high school student applying to a number of colleges and universities? Or are you an aspiring graduate student seeking admission to a master’s or PhD program? In either case, you are probably expected to write a unique application essay for every school and program to which you are applying. This is a challenging task for every student, and for many overworked, busy students, it’s a nearly impossible bar to clear.

No matter the number of schools you’re applying to, there is a source of help you can fall back on: professional writing services. If you enlist the services of a freelance writer, you can complete as many essays as you need, in even the most restrictive of time spans. It’s simply a matter of locating a reputable writer, hiring them, and collecting your personally tailored, perfect application essay. Here’s how.

Step 1: Locate A Writer or Service

The internet is a wealth of information on custom writing services. Using your favorite search engine, find a writing company that is tailored to your grade level and your desire task (in this case, application essay writing). Look up reviews of the service and do a little background research on how the service functions. Once you are satisfied with the quality of the writing service, contact the company and ask to be paired with a writer.

Step 2: Find A Writer

Using your writing service of choice, find a writer who fits your needs and your price range. Seek out writers who have experience writing admissions or application essays in particular; if you can, find a writer who has a degree in the area you hope to study. If your writer has previously been admitted to the kind of program you are seeking admission to, they will know a great deal about the application process and will have a good sense of what admissions committees are seeking.

Step 3: Communicate Your Needs

When you have decide on a writer, send them a message detailing your requirements. Tell them how many schools you are applying to, and give them a rough sense of the work count and the deadlines for each. If there are specific prompts or guidelines associated with the applications, send these along to your writer as well. Your writer may also request background information, such as a resume or academic transcript, so they can write a paper that reflects the rest of your application. Do everything you can to facilitate your writer’s job. After a few days have passed, you will have a brand new custom paper in your inbox!

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