Good Research Paper Topics List: Look Online For New Ideas

In a previous article we discussed some suggestion for where to go for research paper topic ideas for High School students. If you are not comfortable asking your parents, or teachers for help another place where you can get assistance is online. A simple Google search of different topics may turn up a list that you can draw inspiration from. Also, looking up a specific idea that you are considering may bring up some relevant resource material. The Internet is also the perfect place to go find other academic research paper topic examples. Reading other people’s papers is another way to come up with a good idea for your own.

Begin With A Search Engine Search!

You could start right away just by looking up a phrase like “What are some good research paper topics for a High School paper?” Chances are you will get a whole list of potential research ideas on various subjects. In order to refine your search try looking specifically for research paper topics related to the class that you are writing for. An example would be: What are some good history research paper topics?

Research Related Current Events

Once you have narrowed down a few potential topics that you would like to write about try to refine your search by looking for related current events. Using the search engine search the topic idea again, and click on the news section. Is there any interesting information that you can use for your research paper? Make sure that you cheque the dates and verify the legitimacy of your sources.

Your paper doesn’t have to have a modern current event to associate with it. You can also choose a topic with plenty of scholarly material to use as research. Search engines like Google also let you refine your search to see only “academic” materials related to the topic that you are looking up. Try this and see if anything helpful comes up.

Work From An Example

After you have settled on a topic, now you can use the online resources to find an example to work from. Reading someone else’s take on the same subject matter is a good way to get inspiration for your own paper. Find an example and after reading it decide whether you agree our disagree with the author? What are your own thoughts on the topics? Examples can be extremely helpful in assisting with the writing process.

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