Top 8 College Research Topics of 2013

College has begun and it’s time to gear up for those all important research paper topics that you know will be bombarding you once you step foot in your English I class. If you’re overly concerned and find yourself losing sleep, you shouldn’t be because here are the top 8 research topics of 2013.

  1. When was the first documented case of steroid use in professional sports?
  2. With the amount of attention Major League Baseball continues to get for positive testing of steroid use by some of today’s most popular players, when was the first documented instance of steroid use in professional sports and how did the public react?

  3. What’s the next technological fitness craze?
  4. Technology continues to make its mark on the health and fitness industry through a host of devices and applications. What are experts predicting will be the fitness craze of 2014?

  5. How did Steve Jobs and Apple change the world of technology?
  6. Apple continues to be one of the leading innovators for technology advancement in computers, tablets, and smartphones. How did they get to this point?

  7. What are the origins of the conflict in Syria?
  8. Research the origins of the conflict that continues to rage in Syria.

  9. How and why were cats and dogs domesticated?
  10. Determine the purpose for domesticating cats and dogs. Also, find out how the process for the domestication.

  11. How has technology advancements, particularly digital downloads, affected the music industry?
  12. Napster was one of the first companies to offer digital downloads of music content. How has such technology advancements impacted the music industry?

  13. How do violent games affect teenagers as they develop through young adulthood?
  14. A popular source for blame for teenage violence is the availability and often marketing of violent games to today’s teenage audience. How do violent games affect teenagers as they transition from children to teenagers to young adults?

  15. What is the history behind the Washington Redskins name?
  16. An outcry for the change of a celebrated National Football League team’s name has taken center stage again as President Barack Obama and sports announcer Bill Costas have expressed their belief that the Washington Redskins should change their names out of respect and decency to Native Americans. What is the history behind the birth of the Redskins name?

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