Searching For a Research Paper Outline Example

School would be more interesting without essays, research papers and book reports to write. This is because of the energy and time required to complete a single paper where you are not even assured of top marks. You may have all the materials and ideas but have no clue of how to turn them into a complete document that will meet the expectations of your supervisor or tutor.

The best way to get out of such a situation is to find a sample outline of a research paper. It gives you an idea of how your paper will appear once you are done. There are numerous sources of samples some of which are reliable while others are not. What are some of the reliable sources of sample research papers?

  1. Your teacher
  2. Internet
  3. Fellow students


Your teacher is more interested in your academic work than any other person. The teacher also has an obligation to offer guidance in case you get stuck. As such, he or she is in a better position to provide reliable samples. The teacher has specific guidelines and an idea of what is expected once your work is complete. The specific nature of samples given by your teacher is an advantage because it offers surety that you are doing the right thing. In case the teacher does not have a ready sample, he will direct you to the library or other resource centers where you can get the best samples.


Internet resource sites provide numerous samples on different disciplines and based on a range of writing instructions. Some of the websites offer an opportunity to request your ideal sample research paper by sending an email with the instructions given in class. This guarantees a tailor-made sample that will meet your specific demands.

Apart from academic resources websites, samples are available from university websites. Before using such samples, it is worth appreciating that each institution has specific guidelines for its academic work. Identify the guidelines used in your institution and look for a sample that is in line with the guidelines.

Fellow Students

Students in your class or your seniors could be in possession of sample research papers that are useful for your work. They are pursuing a similar course or could have completed it already. They also might refer you to library entries or online platforms with incredible academic resources.

The most important consideration when using a sample research paper is to get an idea of how your work will appear once complete. Consider the unique instructions issued by your tutor or supervisor and implement them in your final paper.

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