Law Research Paper – 5 Most Popular Topics

A legal research paper must be written carefully. It should reference authentic sources just like any research paper and the paper must documents facts and figures. Law papers are not too difficult to write. Even if you do not have any experience, you can still write legal papers. The basic guidelines for law papers stay the same. You have to make sure the work is properly formatted and the writing is plagiarism-free and contains extensive research.

Nowadays, there are so many legal issues that choosing a topic for law paper could prove challenging. Let’s discuss some of the popular law topics that you could pick if you are assigned an open-ended legal paper in your class.

  • Obama care is one of the focal points which have given rise to various legalities existing within the government. Whether Obama care is useful or not, this topic sparks debate in terms of its legal value;
  • Another popular topic is carrying guns on campus. The topic of licensed guns and self-defense is a legal issue that has persisted for years. It can never be answered because it opens doors to a lot of controversial debates in terms of its legal implications.
  • The right to abort a child is also a legal issue that is of significance. If you are to choose this topic for your law paper, you will find endless debates in this area leading to heated discussions regarding abortion. Whether abortion should be legalized is a whole new debate on its own;
  • The right to polygamy is also debatable. Whether husbands can practice polygamy is a topic that leads to countless for and against notions so you will be able to come up with a worthwhile paper if you choose this topic;
  • The most popular topic is certainly terrorist and Muslims. The role of hijab and how it is banned in France opens doors to legal implications such as taking the freedom of expression for these women. Some may argue otherwise. Nonetheless, it remains a popular topic among the countries, Muslims and government.

The topics for law papers are countless. You can continue to choose what you wish to write about. The range of legal issues to choose from is endless. If you are keen to write legal topics, you will certainly find something interesting to write about. If you want to go for a safe gamble, pick a topic that has sparked the most controversy.

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