How To Write A Research Paper In 7 Easy Steps?

Writing a research paper is a fastidious process that requires precision, logic, research and organization. Many undertake this task without adequate planning, only to find themselves sufficiently overwhelmed and frustrated with the task at hand. It must be noted that research papers entail a gradual process of piecing together small modicums of intformtion, in a rational and organized fashion. In 7 easy steps, you can have an adeptly written, academically sound essay to present to your professor or instructor. When you embark upon a task of this magnitude, it is important to see it in terms of segments, or small fragments that you have to complete. Do not view your research project holistically, as this will overwhelm you.

The first step to writing a brilliant research paper is to select a topic. Do not choose a generalized topic, or a trite subject matter that has been written about time and time again. Instead, put an original twist on a particular subject matter, one that presents the topic in a new light that has yet to be explored. Make sure that your topic is enriching and enlightening, so that your instructor/professor will derive some value from reading your paper. For example, if you are instructed to write about ancient world travel, refrain from simply discussing example of ancient forms of travel. Instead, propel this topic to a new level by investigating the cultural mechanisms behind travel, or the technological advances that ensued once these forms of travel were invented in ancient times.

The next step to writing a great research paper is to brainstorm a variety of different ideas. This is the pre-outline stage, so you can simply free write every potential idea that comes to mind. The third step is to conduct research on potentially good sources for your research project. Consider finding primary sources on scholarly websites, and refrain from using less credible sources. The more credible your source is, the more credence your ideas will have. Compile all of your cited sources into a single document.

The fourth step to writing your research will entail creating an organized outline, consisting of an abstract, table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion and cited sources. Include as much detail as possible. Next, you may proceed to the fourth step, which will involve transforming your detailed outline into a fully-fledged essay. The outline will most likely lack fluidity, so be sure to include transitions. The sixth step is to proofread your entire essay and to ask for recommendations and commentary from peers or your instructor. And finally, the seventh step will involve finalizing your sources.

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