Some Useful Ideas For Writing A Psychology Research Paper

When writing a psychology research paper there is hundreds of topics from which to choose. You can write about:

  • Social psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Cognition
  • Memory
  • Therapy
  • And more

Below is a sample of a psychology paper:


This study sought to determine which theories about memory were correct. Using four participants, the research used two parts. The first part asked participants to listen to word lists and numbers, then try and remember them based on my directions. The second part asked participants to explain what they thought affected their performance ability. The findings indicated that theories of the recency effect related to recall were correct.


The main objective of this research is test out if some of the claims made by theories on memory are true or not. The goal is to be able to validate or refute these theories and come to a better understanding of common and unique individual processes that underlie human memory functioning.

Part I: The Participants for this Activity

There were a total of 4 participants in the study. Three were male and one was female. The mean age of the participants was 23. I invited seven participants but only the four participated. The first participant was 24 and the last three were 23. One is in the military with two years of college education. One is a college graduate without a job. Another is a college graduate who is now an elementary teacher. The last is a college graduate who works at a winery.

Part II: Methods and Procedures Used

For this study I took on the role of a curious scientist through the use of a multiple case study approach. In the first part, I ran an activity using a recommended procedure. The activity used a systematically designed, step-by-step procedure. The second part required that I gathered data through an interview format by asking respondents about what mental processes they though helped them perform as well as they did during the first part of the procedure. I invited the participants ahead of time to demonstrate respect for their own schedules. I let them know that I was doing an assignment for my Psychology class that required me to run a 10-15 minute exercise on memory and learning. I told them also that if they participate in the exercise, I will discuss the results with them and answer whatever questions they may have about the activity. I told them explicitly that I will not use their actual names when I do my report.

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