Research Paper Writing Prompts: How to Quote

When you write a research paper you’re expected to use different sources to confirm your findings. A type of source that many writers use is a “direct quote” or “quotation”. Quotations can be useful at asserting an idea, adding voice and authority to the document or just confirming an idea. When quotes are cited correctly, they are not considered plagiarism. Below, we are going to explain how to properly use quotations and how they should be cited within your research paper.

Types of Quotes: Direct

A direct quote is an exact word for word copy of the original statement or writing. Direct quotes can come from different areas such as literary works, speeches, interviews, etc. They must be quoted directly as they were originally written or spoken. This includes the same punctuations, spelling and capitalization. Direct quotes are used to place emphasis on a point or expand on an idea.

Direct quotes can be written as a lead in or tagged phrase.

Types of Quotes: Block Quotes

Another type of quotation that you may choose to use is a block quote. Typically, these will have been taken from a textbook, research document or news journal. Block quotes are different than direct quotes because they are used to support a point not make a point. An example of a block quote would be.

…In formal research paper writing there are two different kinds of quotations that people use. These include direct quotations and block quotations…(p.301) The page number is included so that the reader knows where to look for the quote in the reference text that should be listed in the sources cited.

Quotations are a useful way to ad more value to your research paper. When used correctly a quote can be a great way to make a point or illustrate an idea. It is important for students to know how to correctly use quotes in their writing correctly so that they do not lose grades for bad formatting. Before placing any quotation into your research paper, make sure that it fits in and enhances the overall document, and doesn’t just “pad” the paper for extra length.

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