Searching For Interesting Topics For A Research Paper: Great Tips To Help You Out

Your research topic should be two things, strong and enjoyable to read about and research.  This might sound like a Catch 22 but it’s not.  Many students find that once they start to do the research for their thesis statement and topic that their isn’t enough information on the topic or you find that there is not information on your thesis statement.  Either way you can’t use this topic or thesis statement, so you have to change them or start over with a new topic and thesis.  If you come across this problem, I’ll give you some topics that might help your find a better or new topic for your research paper.

Interesting Research Paper Topics

When you are getting ready to choose you topic, you want it to be interesting and different.  Here are some interesting and even bizarre topics that you can do for your research paper.

  • Can a cat flea or dog flea jump higher?  I know this sounds so weird but I bet your teacher has never read a research paper on this topic before.
  • Do Wood Peckers get headaches from banging their beak off of trees all day?  Consider this the one question that you would ask Woody Woodpecker and you can use him in your introduction to make it funny.
  • What are the dangers of sword swallowing?  From sideshow act to research paper, this will grab your readers attention and hold them there till the end.
  • Full or empty beer bottle, which would damage your skull more?  You have seen it in movies and TV shows where a bottle is broken over someone’s head but which does more damage and how much force does it take to break a full and empty beer bottle?
  • Could Unicorns be real?  Believe it or not but a there are studies on this subject and if you want to believe that it is possible for them to exist then this could be the topic for you.
  • Does country music make people suicidal?  Almost every country song is about something sad or a good time but can listening to it over a long period of time, make you more suicidal?
  • What are the effects of cocaine on bees?  In 2009, test were done on bees on the effects that were caused when they were given cocaine.  This topic is definitely a different topic and has recent research for your paper.
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