How to Find a Trustworthy Research Paper Writing Service

It is not always easy for a student to admit that they cannot handle all of their homework on their own and instead of asking for help early on, it comes down to the last minute and they employ a writing service. There are many reasons a student may end up in this situation, not least of all is simply being overwhelmed with too much homework. When students do find themselves in these situations, it is important to know how to find a writing service that is trustworthy and reputable. For those students, here is some helpful advice for choosing only the best writing service to employ.


An often-overlooked option is to hire a freelance writer to employ for your project. There are two ways to go about hiring a freelancer. The first is to go to a freelancing site like Outsource or Freelancer and set up an account. Once you have set up an account and verified email addresses and credit card info, simply post your project. Then, freelancers from all over will have the option of sending you a bid or quote on the project detailing their experience and the price, they want to do the work. After the bids start coming in, you can sort through them and hire only the one that best fits your needs. This way you set the deadline, the specification you want, and the price range you are looking pay. After hiring someone, you wait for the work to be delivered, look over the work and decide if you like it or want to request edits (something you can’t do with other writing services), and when you are pleased, release payment. Done.

The second way is to search the internet freelancer’s personal websites. This is just like searching for anything else, just input your search phrase into your favorite search engine and sift through the results. It is also good to ask around to others if they have ever hired a freelancer before and if so to recommend someone. That way, if you have a name, they will be easier to find when searching.

Online Services

There are three types of online writing services, free, paid pre-written, and paid customizable. The first option is rarely a good idea because most of the papers are plagiarized and the sites often contain viruses. The second is a little better, but still comes with a high risk of being plagiarized. The last type is the overall best, but as a result is a bit more pricey.

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