Looking For A Sample Introduction Paragraph For A Research Paper

A research paper needs some excellent elements if you aim for the maximum grade. One of the most important parts is the introduction paragraph since this is the first piece that will be read by your teacher. If he is satisfied with the beginning, it is very possible to be more indulgent when correcting the rest of the paper. This is why you need to pay extra attention to this and to apply some small tricks to success:

  • Read as many papers as you can. No matter the topic, you are interested in the way the author is connecting the beginning with the rest of the composition. It needs to be a smooth transition and to be obvious that it is integrated a part of your essay, not a separate element. You can read the compositions of your colleagues and take a few ideas from there. If they are good in writing, ask them for some tips on how to create your own text.
  • Discuss with your teacher. He can tell you about what your introduction needs and he can provide materials that will teach you how to work, step by step. The plus of these materials is that they are for academic use. Therefore, they are easy to use and highly informative. You don’t have to worry about the validity of the information because your professor is checking everything before using it in class.
  • Do not extend it more than usual. Sometimes, students try too much to create an excellent piece so they make it longer than they should. 2 paragraphs are more than enough; more than this will be confused with the rest of your essay, and you will get low marks for a bad structure.
  • Make it engaging. The first lines of your essay need to be engaging, to make the reader eager to read the rest of the paper. If it’s just plain content, without anything exciting, the rest of the content will be affected. Make sure to mention the topic of your paper, the purpose and some of the arguments that you will use. If you are writing about book or literature, this is a great place to introduce a few words about the author. It needs to be a preview of your work, but not to reveal the entire ideas. Be mysterious and challenge the reader.
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