Writing College Research Papers Is An Easy Task

You may think it is difficult to write a college research paper but this is not true when you plan ahead of time and get advice when needed. Your first step is to develop a unique and relevant topic that relates to your field of study. For example, if you are writing a literature review as part of the research paper, there are some things you should keep in mind. The literature review should center around one or two books or essays so it will be easier for you to analyze. You should also point out strengths and weaknesses in the authors' arguments and why you feel that they are weaknesses and strengths based on valid evidence.

Writing The Introduction

Before you attempt the introduction you should research your topic thoroughly so that you'll have something of substance to base the introduction. The goal of the introduction is to offer a teaser about the topic and to present the main argument that you will use the rest of the paper to defend. You can start the introduction with an interesting news article, memories of your early life in a certain city or a hypothetical question but make sure it ties into your topic.

Organize Research in Categories

This gives you stability when typing the first draft of the research paper. For example, if you are comparing the recession of the 1970s with the 2008 global economic recession, you can create a file of research notes that you gathered about the 1970s recession and then you get another folder for the research you collected about the 2008 recession. Then have another folder that includes any additional last-minute research that you want to include in the final draft.


If you are stuck on your topic and not sure how to continue writing the paper, meet with the professor to discuss ways of getting back on track. You can also check out instruction books at the library that teach students how to write a good research paper. Never plagiarize large quotes from the scholars you read or even attempt to paraphrase the quotes because this makes you look suspicious as a student.

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