Types of Research Papers

There are various types of research paper assignments that aim to help students understand different concepts, while building creative thinking and writing abilities.  While many people wouldn’t care to know about different types of research papers, students who are engaged in educational studies may want to take note because it helps in identifying your personal writing and formatting abilities.  Meaning, you get idea of what you can write and how well you can write it.

Research papers allow the writer to take their thoughts based on knowledge acquired through research to be applied toward the topic of choice.  Such research may also include your personal knowledge or what you already know about the topic.  In understanding what you have to look forward to in developing your writing skills, the following papers are just a brief overview of different papers that are written.

  • Argumentative papers. They work to present two sides of the topic or main idea.  Usually, the writer is expected to have a strong view that favors one side over the other.  Such papers feature factual information to present the argument.  Yet, the writer presents both sides equality to highlight their importance.
  • Compare and contrast papers. This is pretty much what the name of the paper suggests.  The writer takes two items of interest and compares concepts of each.  Such assignment is most often completed in literary courses.  Subjects of interest that may be compared include authors or genres.  Other concepts outside of literary work can also be compared.  The thesis helps provide clarity on the contrasting and comparison concepts detailed throughout the paper.
  • Analytical papers.  The concept of this paper encourages the writer to focus on facts instead of opinions.  Research, conclusions, and other findings completed by researchers are highlighted in the paper.  The idea is study different viewpoints presented on a set topic or subject without forming an opinion. 
  • Cause and effect papers.  Such papers work to study results considered expected or probable in relation to an action that follows.  The writer may form an outline that details what may happen or predict the outcome of a certain situation. 
  • Report papers.  Most students are familiar with a report and guidelines for them may vary.  In many cases the report works to outline details related to a case study.  They can vary in length and may include sections such as graphs and tables, a summary, and appendix.
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