10 Easy Research Paper Topic Ideas You Can Take And Develop

Writing a research paper is only as good as it gets when you are able to find a very good idea, one that you can use to turn any topic into an amazing discussion, or an argument. Because of this reason, there are a lot of students who are always looking for the perfect research paper topics that they can at least get to use and turn into some of the best topics ever written so far. The following are some of the best topics that you can choose for your paper, topics that will go so far in helping you get as much marks from your paper as possible:

  1. The cost of college education
  2. The cost of education is at an all-time high, and chances are high that things could only get worse. Discuss this, giving proposals and recommendations for dealing with the same.

  3. Drinking in campus
  4. Analyze the context of drinking and the use of drugs in campus, and put forward some suggestions on how to handle the situation, or at least how to control it

  5. Surrogacy in poor countries
  6. There has been an increase in surrogacy, especially by outsourcing to poor countries. Have an in-depth look at the situation

  7. Lead in toys that are imported from China
  8. Are we poisoning our children one toy at a time? Analyze the dangers that are posed by these toys

  9. Dealing with obesity in America
  10. Obesity is a serious challenge in the country, look at ways of dealing with it appropriately

  11. The challenges of child support
  12. There are so many challenges that are associated with child support, from compliance to bankruptcy, analyze the different scenarios.

  13. Technology in kindergarten classes
  14. Is it really useful to have technology in kindergarten classes, or is it a waste of resources?

  15. Argue in favor of an increase or shortening of the work week
  16. The work week – would it be more productive if we had longer or shorter working hours and days?

  17. Working from home
  18. Is the prospect of working from home a reasonable idea?

  19. Taxing junk food
  20. Is it worth raising taxes on junk food to dissuade people from using them?

All of these are very good topics that you can look into, especially because of the fact that they are stuff that most of us can relate to on a daily basis.

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