Beginners' guide on how to write a 6 page research paper

When you are writing a 6 page research paper you need to ask yourself what question you want to address. What is the one question related to your course or assignment that does not have a definitive answer.

The question you want to answer in your writing should allow you to use your reasoning. It should also be adequately developed that it allows you to gather valid evidence. Write down a tentative thesis statement to answer the question you have posed.

By doing all three of these you can pave the way for an accurate and informative formal outline which you can convert easily into a research paper. Save yourself a great deal of time and do the outline the right way.

If you can, put notes on separate sheets or cards based on the source or the place it will assume in your paper. This will help you to label the topic for every note. If, for example, you have three body paragraphs each of which is responsible for supporting a unique argument, then it might be best to keep three separate note pages for each paragraph; you can label each sheet with the corresponding argument. By doing this, you can keep your note taking focused. You can better group together your information and synthesize it later. This will be especially nice when you want to shuffle your ideas--you can literally shuffle the pages around and keep corresponding evidence close at hand.

Make sure to leave open space in your notes so that you can fill in personal comments later. Fill in your personal reactions to the content or questions, cross-references, or second thoughts. These comments will create your first draft quite easily.

Look over the list below and see if any of the topics stand out:

  • Do students waste more time playing games on their phones today than students spent watching television before the development of cell phones?
  • Does television capture the diversity in America or does it feed the irrational desire for physical gains? Consider why many students set goals for their future and whether their goals are materialistic in nature, and if there is a viable reason behind them (do they want a fancy house because it will protect their family and be something they can pass on or do they want it because a reality star has one).
  • Is modern television still too white?
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