How To Write A Research Paper

If you have a large research paper that you need to work on, here are tips on organizing your notes for it. Start by collecting all the research and bibliography notes you need at least three weeks before the due date and you should also use this time to read over the material and interview people if necessary. Then you should create a checklist of the things you need to do in order to complete the research paper.

Proper Way To Write A Literary Analysis

You want to read the book thoroughly and take notes on each chapter so that you'll have a good idea of what the author is talking about in the book. After you took the notes you should decide on an argument or an informative subject you want to write about that pertains to the book you read. For example, if you read Roots by Alex Haley, you can write an analysis that compares the book with the movie version of the book. You should also analyze how the characters interact within the book if you're analyzing a fiction book or a play and discuss their strengths and weaknesses in the paper.

Talk About The Methodology You Will Use

In thesis papers and dissertations, you will need to discuss the methodology you used in preparing the research. For example, if you used interviews with the relatives of holocaust victims who immigrated to the UK and parts of Latin America, discuss it in the methodology section of the research paper. Or if you used a survey of teenage married women for your research paper on whether the age of marriage is a factor in the success of a marriage, this would be included in the paper.

Formatting in APA Format

The left side of the margin should be at one inch and you should double space the paper. You should also number the top right corner of each page in APA format and on the left corner of each page you should type your name. The proper order of organization for an APA paper is the title, abstract, introduction, method, discussion, conclusion and references.

The best research paper doesn't have to be very eloquent or include highly technical words and phrases. All you need is an interesting topic and strong valid points to prove the argument you want to claim in the research paper.

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