Argument research papers – a basic writing guide

Who ever heard of writing a research paper just for the fun of it? Writing a research paper has a distinct intent and purpose. Usually, this purpose revolves around proving a point which you have made in your thesis statement. You will need to use persuasive techniques to show that your contentions about the topic are correct and can be backed up by factual information. This can be a difficult task, but there are steps you can take to prepare for writing. Writing is always much easier when you are prepared to get started – which is the case with most things in life. If you are struggling to get started, try some of the following techniques to build your argument.

  • Firstly, craft your thesis – you will need a strong argument about your topic
  • Find information which supports your argument
  • Write down how your research relates to your thesis

Following these three simple steps will help you prepare to tackle even the most monstrous of research papers. Crafting your thesis is important, if you do not feel strongly about what you are writing about then it will be much harder to maintain focus and to write a convincing paper.

When you are trying to find information which supports your thesis statement you should look for research which has been written by others in your field. Are there case studies which prove your point? Have there been any other papers written about this topic? Quoting or referencing the work of others can help you to strengthen your own points about this topic.

When you do find research which supports your thesis, make sure you write it down. In addition to just writing down the author or the title of the study, make sure you write down how it specifically relates to your own ideas. This is important because the next time you look at the article you might not be in the same state of mind.

Keep it Interesting

From the time you choose your topic to the last key strokes on the keyboard, you will need to make sure that your paper is engaging. No one will believe what you are saying if they can barely keep their eyes open while reading your paper. Try to stay away from dry topics and overused ideas. Make sure you vary the syntax, tone, and voice you use while you are writing so that your paper will not be boring.

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