Contemporary Economic Topics for a Research Paper

Contemporary Economics can be tricky, because this like many political views, raises a lot of issues. Even though this is an economic paper, the perception reflects on the political nature of a society. This is because Contemporary Economics tries to look at the present day economics; every view will be from a political perspective. So what are some Contemporary Economic topics for a research paper?

  1. Effects of Taxes
  2. Education
  3. EU Debt
  4. Speculative Markets
  5. Globalization

Effects of Taxes

It does not matter what country a student is in, there are always views on how taxation benefits or stifles the economy. There are also views on what would be a better form of taxation. The tax market is a great place to write a Contemporary economics paper.

  • Effects of Raising Taxes; Pro or Con
  • Effects of Lowering Taxes; Pros or Cons
  • How can Taxes be made more Effective
  • What Tax Funded Programs should be Dropped
  • What Tax Funded Programs should be Instated


In every country, Taxes support some level of education. Does the student feel this is effective, or have an idea that would make it more effective? Either way, these can become essay topics in this area. Another issue is, are student well informed enough to understand the effects of economics?

  • Are Enough Taxes used Effectively in Education
  • Educational Abuse of Tax Funds
  • Better Economic Training for Students
  • Better ways to use Tax Funds in Supporting Education
  • Is too much Taxes use in Education

EU Debt

The recent issues of the EU debt crisis, can be made for any reasons. And can bring many good reviews of the situation, and what effects are still waiting to come from it. How does it affect the UK, Europe, the World? Each of these can be broken into many smaller areas.

  • Germany’s Influence
  • How should the UK Respond
  • How should the World Respond
  • What Alternatives are there to address this Debt
  • What are the effects on the UK


How does Globalization affect the economy, the market, the workplace? A well researched paper can bring a lot to think about. What are the pros and Cons of globalization?

  • Globalization, Who Benefits
  • How does Globalization affect the workplace
  • How does Globalization affect the Market
  • Is there a Positive or Negative shift in Power from Globalization
  • Will Globalization lead to a new World Order
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