Coming Up With Fresh Ideas For An Art History Term Paper

When writing about art history for your term paper, you have a wide scope of potential topics to choose from. It may be that you choose to focus on a particular artist, or you may rather write about an art movement as a whole. Alternatively you can focus on an individual piece of art or even compare artists and art movements to one another.

Think about what you know and use this as a basis for ideas

If you’re writing an art history term paper then you are likely to have detailed knowledge of the subject in the first place. Therefore, you should think about what you know about the subject and write down any ideas that come to mind. No matter how vague or irrelevant they may seem at first, these ideas may later go on to be the source of great inspiration for your paper.

Ideally, it is best to try and focus on topics that you enjoy the most, as this can be a great way of getting yourself motivated to do the work in the first place. Furthermore, students often write work that is far more interesting when they themselves are interested in it.

Where to look to good topic ideas

If you have written down any ideas that you have about the subject already, but you are still struggling to pick a final topic to write about, then you may wish to look online to try and find further inspiration.

You can look at a variety of prewritten papers, which some websites offer for free, whilst others, particularly those from writing agencies, will need to be paid for. By reading through titles and content written by other people, you may come across various ideas that you would be interested in writing about as well.

For example, you may wish to take a look at the list of topics and titles below to see whether any of them act as inspiration for you.

  • An examination of paintings from the early Renaissance period
  • How did Dadaism change the art world?
  • A case study of your favourite Expressionist painter
  • A study into the main leaders of the Surrealist movement
  • A history of modern art
  • What challenges were faced by artists during the medieval era of art history?
  • A profile of Henri Matisse
  • A study of the life and work of Claude Monet
  • A history of South American art
  • A guide to contemporary artists in the 20th century
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