How to Select Topics for Argumentative Research Papers

When you are writing an argumentative research paper the topic is one of the most important components. It is in your best interest to find a topic that is of interest to you otherwise you will find it very challenging to motivate yourself.

If you are in need of a topic example you can review the example list below. Remember that these are meant to be examples which guide you toward selecting an appropriate topic yourself:

  • You can write about whether church arson should be categorized as a hate crime
  • You should write about the manner in which cell phones have altered society
  • You can write about the issue of bullying among school children and what methods can be done to address it. Specifically highlight who should bear the responsibility of stopping children from bullying others and when a negligent parent should be held legally responsible
  • You can write about whether outsourcing cheap labor in third world countries should be stopped and whether it is actually benefitting those industries
  • You can write about whether there is a way to lose important historical data given the rise of the internet
  • You can write about whether there are ways to reduce student stress and still assess them beyond an examination
  • You can write about how cyber crime has developed and what ways there are to stop it in the modern world. Specifically highlight whether it is the responsibility of the internet user or a government or a third party regulation

Once you have the topic you can move on to the research and planning portions of your essay. After the research has been conducted you can begin to draft your outline and then use that to create the final essay.

Write your first draft. The first draft is important. You need to get it out even if it is lacking in some areas or missing transitions. Use your outline to guide your first draft. Remember that a good essay will go through several drafts so you do not need to include everything the first time. Maintain an academic voice throughout the writing process and if you cannot think of the right word or find the right data then mark that area in some way and move on to the next paragraph. You can always return to it and fill in the blank when the word comes to you or when you find the missing quote.

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