Strong and Interesting History Research Paper Topics

Choosing a topic can be the most difficult part of writing a history research paper. Don’t despair—this article presents a varied list of different history research paper topics which can be used as they are or provide the student with inspiration for coming up with their own paper topic.

  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    These cities offer a wealth of material for a history research project. One can examine the reasoning of the American government in using nuclear weapons on these cities, the reaction of the Japanese government to their use, the effect that their use had on the end of the war, the after effects of the devastation, and so much more.

  • History of Feminism

    While many students focus on the Civil Rights movement or suffrage, the overall history of feminism can be a really interesting topic due to the surprisingly long history there is to research. Students can look to almost any time period in recorded history and find women that wrote about their beliefs and stood for what would today be thought of as progressive ideas.

  • Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution is interesting in its own right; many things changed about the way work was viewed in society, the way money was made, and the role of the worker in society. While all of these are intriguing, perhaps the most interesting angle is the way in which the Industrial Revolution shaped the modern world.

  • History of Islam

    Islam has a very interesting history as a religion, and it has gone through many different incarnations since its founding. People in different cultures and different regions of the world have interpreted the religion in extremely different ways, making this a very rich topic for research.

  • Concept of Terrorism

    The idea of terrorism—if not its practice—is a relatively new one. Exploring the first time the term was coined, how it has evolved in the public consciousness, and historical events which have resulted from terrorism and subsequently shaped modern society offers plenty of material to research.

  • How World War I led to World War II

    The events that precipitated the First World War, and perhaps more importantly, its aftermath, played a huge role in setting the stage for the Second World War. Many of the decisions made long before the beginning of World War II were instrumental in the beginning of that war.

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